Look model Chiara Tr

14 September 2018

In this article we will give you some idea of ​​the look to wear with the Chiara Tr shoes, the F543 and the F546.

Article F543 model Chiara Tr: it is a low-heeled ankle boot with particular effect on the front, while on the back we find the particularity of the zipper.

It is the perfect boot to wear with a nice full skirt and a simple shirt if you want a more bon ton and comfortable look.

While for a more casual look it goes perfectly with a simple dress with a skirt up to the knee or for a more gipsy look we suggest you to wear a beautiful long dress with flowers.

The last look is instead recommended for women who love pants: a perfect look with the F543 article is also composed of leggings and super sweater, a long sweater or a dress, for those looking for comfort both for the feet and clothing.

Article F543: it is always a low-heeled ankle boot very simple, neutral and elegant with the particular in the front of the large laces.

As for this article we can say that we are comfortable with any type of look, because it is really a simple but similarly elegant article, we say that it is a type of footwear that can help us in situations where we know what footwear to wear!

The first look that we recommend is with classic or cigarette pants with which they match perfectly, with a white shirt to make the look more formal or with a simple shirt for a more casual look.

Another comfortable yet fashionable look is to combine the F546 with a skinny jeans and an oversized sweater, or opt for a look of mom jeans, a shirt and a leather jacket.

The last look we recommend to wear is made of midi skirt, that is the skirts that come a little further down the knee, with a shirt and wide skirt or a beautiful tight skirt and an extra large sweater to make it more cool and casual the look.