Mara Bini: quality

27 November 2018

Mara Bini women’s shoes are high quality footwear, designed and created strictly in the full style of Made in Italy.

All shoes are handcrafted with a careful choice of materials and attention to detail.

All the materials used for the production of Mara Bini shoes are personally chosen and are only top quality materials that over time resist in their total beauty and above all certified to protect the health of those wearing Mara Bini shoes.

The importance of the quality of the footwear that we wear all day is an essential part to consider when buying a shoe, the foot should not suffer and the shoe must guarantee comfort and lightness, thus giving wellbeing to the foot and all the rest of the body for the duration of the day.

The strong point of Mara Bini is above all the slip lasting method, that is a particular process that eliminates from production all the rigid components of the shoe.

This particular method of working makes the shoe comfortable, light and able to give maximum comfort to the foot and maximum flexibility, in fact the shoe is flexible, bending only by holding it between the index and the thumb.

Mara Bini boasts a wide range of models and items to satisfy every customer’s need. In fact, it is possible to find shoes with low heels, high heels, ankle boots, ankle boots, décolleté, ballerinas and moccasins.

Among the various proposals of Mara Bini every Woman can find the style suitable for her, even a simple shoe with the right details like those of Mara Bini, can become an important element in the look.

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