How to combine shoes and bags for the winter

29 November 2018

In this article we will see some small help to wear and match the best shoes and bags in the winter season.

The first rule is to combine shoes and bags of the same material. For example we can not wear a summer bag, then in fabric or summer material with a shoe with fur, or in suede or in any case of the winter season.

So first of all the important thing is to match the shoes and the bag of the same material.

Another rule to keep in mind is the color rule. According to the rules of the Bon Ton bags and shoes should always be matched the same color, but lately in fashion you can also wear shoes with different color of the bag.

For example, if we wear a total black look with a black bag the ideal is to wear colored shoes, or vice versa. So as not to make the look too “boring” and focus on an accessory.

Usually, however, we try to combine a particular color of the look with shoes and bags. For example, if we wear a black dress with a belt or some red details, we recommend wearing a red shoe or bag.

Attention, in the case we choose to combine bag and shoes with coordinated color, not to choose two different shades of color, because then the look would seem too messy and not at all matched.

Another rule that must be taken care of is to match bags and shoes of the same style: for example, a shopper is perfectly combined with a pair of sneakers or slip on but not at all a décolleté or an elegant heel.

In the winter season, however, this problem of the combination of bags and shoes becomes easier because the winter colors fall into the sphere of black, red, blue and dark colors in general.

Even if we decide to wear shoes or a bag in print, we must pay attention, since it is almost impossible to have the same print for both the bag and shoes. Therefore it is advisable to wear only the shoes or the bag in print and match the other accessory of a color that resumes printing.

For example, if we wear an animal print bag we recommend matching black shoes.