The right shoe for every moment of the day

7 December 2018

In this article we will see together all the perfect shoes with various looks to wear at any different time of day.

We start from the morning and early afternoon: according to the bon ton in the morning should not be worn heels higher than 5cm.

But it happens very often, especially for those who work in the office or in formal environments, to wear heels higher than 5cm.

Normally, however, it would be better not to wear heels during the morning and early afternoon or even all day for both health and comfort, so for the morning we chose two different looks with two different shoes without heels, a formal look and a instead more casual.

The first look that we have chosen is composed of cigarette pants, white shirt, coordinated jacket with trousers and moccasins. An example of a look is a black cigarette trousers with a jacket of the same color, a white shirt and a moccasin like the F536 model Gioia by Mara Bini.

The second casual look is made up of jeans, a sweater and a ballerina. The ideal look is a skinny jeans, a sweater that can be plain or fancy and a ballerina like the article F505 model Lidia by Mara Bini.

For the late afternoon at an aperitif with friends, for an evening shopping or a walk in the center we opted for a comfortable but refined outfit. We can combine a blouse or a tight sweater with shorts, for example black shorts with a particular sweater or animal print and an ankle boot with a black low heel such as the article F546 model Chiara Tr by Mara Bini.

For the evening instead, for an elegant evening, a dinner or an important occasion, the ideal is to wear a simple and elegant look. We can wear a dress and a nice décolleté with heel. The look we thought of is composed of a classic or the black sheath dress combined with a décolleté that we can choose between the black color with an accessory in sight, for a total black look, like the F566 model Perla by Mara Bini or to dampen the black look with a red décolleté like the Perla model F412 article.

For those who love the low heel you can opt for a ballerina like the article F504 model Lidia by Mara Bini, in black or red version.