How to combine the ballerinas in winter

11 December 2018

Who loves them and who hates them, the ballerinas are a type of shoe that can like or not and it is true that in recent years they seemed forgotten, but in fact in recent seasons have come back in fashion.

In this article we see together how to best match the ballerinas in the winter season without making mistakes.

We assume that the ballerinas usually should be worn without any kind of stocking, but in winter it is almost impossible not to wear stockings for which there is only one rule or to wear them only with black, covering or veiled socks the important thing is that they are black.

Another important premise is to bring attention to the type of ballerina we want to wear, so no ballerinas in summer material but we opt only for ballerinas with winter material such as leather and suede.

The last point to remember is that the ballerinas should not be worn with long skirts, flared pants and shorts, because the ballerina does not bounce the figure.

There are four looks that are advisable to wear with ballerinas.

The first look is very casual and can be worn every day both for the office (if the environment allows a casual look) or for the university or for the various commissions and is composed of jeans and sweater. The ideal look is skinny jeans, sweater or plain or in fantasy, for example with a red sweater and a red ballerina that recalls the color of the sweater like the article F504 model Lidia by Mara Bini.

The second look, however, consists of a dress with a full skirt with knee length, for example a dress with a black background and some colorful fantasy and full skirt with knee length combined with a black ballerina with some details like the article F505 model Lidia by Mara Bini.

The third is a more formal and elegant look and consists of shirt cigarette pants. For example, we can choose a cigarette-black trousers, a light blue shirt perhaps with some particular detail and a black ballerina like the article F504 by Mara Bini in the black version in pony skin.

The fourth and last look is comfortable but useful on various occasions and consists of leggings and maxi sweater. Also using for this look the game of color matching, we can opt for a classic black leggings and a red maxi sweater to match with a particular red ballerina like the article F502 model Lidia by Mara Bini.