Mara Bini Women’s Shoes

18 December 2018

The shoes by Donna Mara Bini are high quality footwear.

They are totally designed and produced in Italy with carefully chosen materials and accessories of the highest quality.

The value of Made in Italy is a guarantee for the health and well-being of the foot, the Made in Italy craftsmanship is a protection for one’s own health, because unlike other countries in Italy absolutely no toxic materials are used to create the on the contrary, only materials that are sought and certified are used with the certainty of the provenance of all the materials.

Furthermore, all the details are handmade: from the seam, to the assembly of the materials to the addition of the accessories by master craftsmen.

One of the strengths of Mara Bini footwear is the slip lasting method, a processing method that gives maximum comfort to the foot and maximum flexibility. In fact, the shoe is flexible, bending only by holding it between the forefinger and the thumb.

In this special process all the rigid components of the shoe are eliminated, ensuring comfort and lightness to the wearer throughout the day, thus giving wellbeing to the foot and to the rest of the body.

The importance of the quality of the footwear that we wear all day is an essential part to consider when buying a shoe, the foot should not suffer and the shoe must guarantee comfort and lightness, thus giving wellbeing to the foot and all the rest of the body for the duration of the day.

Mara Bini meets all the requirements for the wellbeing of the foot and also the requirements regarding aesthetics, in fact in the Mara Bini footwear collections you can find different models and items, from the simplest and most elegant to the most particular.

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