Outfit ideas for the New Year’s Eve

18 December 2018

In this article we see some ideas for outfits to wear for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party.

The first look is very elegant, we can in fact opt ​​for a simple black sheath dress or decorated with lace, puff sleeves or some fantasy like polka dots combined with a particular décolleté to give the look a touch of fashion, like the F513 model item Pearl of Mara Bini, in red leather with red suede laces detail.

The second look is composed of a suit of gold or silver metallic color, these colors are very trendy this season and for New Year’s Eve are ideal to welcome the new year! Combined with a décolleté of black color perhaps with some accessory that incorporates the color of the dress. For example, with a metallic gold dress we can match the F566 Perla model shoe by Mara Bini that has the accessory in the front part of the shoe in gold color.

The third look, however, is a more casual look to wear in case of a party with family or friends at home and consists of skinny jeans, top with sequins and a comfortable and warm stump like for example the article F516 model Pearl Tr by Mara Bini, with a simple but elegant line thanks to the particular round and golden buckle on the side of the shoe.

The fourth look is a classic look for New Year’s Eve or a beautiful red dress, maybe in lace or worked combined with a beautiful stump with a wide heel like the F532 model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini in black pony, to give the look a touch of glamor.

The fifth look is a look a bit ‘different from the usual and it is a look composed of jumpsuit in chenille, then a unique suit formed by trousers and top, combined with a décolleté. For example, we can choose to combine a black chenille jumpsuit with a red décolleté like the Mara Bini model F512 item.

The sixth and last look is made up of a combination of a sequined skirt and a basic top. For example, we can opt for a longuette skirt with golden sequins and a basic black top with a black ankle like the F515 model Perla Tr in smooth leather with the round and golden buckle that incorporates the gold color of the sequins of the skirt.