Shoes to wear in winter travel

18 December 2018

The Christmas holidays are now at the door and there are those who opt for traveling, whether it is to visit a city or some country in the mountains.

But the dilemma that grips every woman every time she prepares to fill the suitcase for the new journey is always the same, that is, which shoes I put in my suitcase?

In this article we will see together the essential shoes to bring in a suitcase for these Christmas holidays.

If it is a trip to some cities, the first shoe to not forget at home is a comfortable but warm shoe.

We can opt for a comfortable ankle boot with low heel, in fact this type of footwear is very comfortable, warm and above all can be used as a jolly shoe because there are really different looks to be matched.

For example, we can choose an ankle boot like the article F500 model Lidia Tr by Mara Bini, an ankle boot with low heel and an elastic band in view in the side parts of the shoe, easy to combine with a suit and leggings or pants, or we can opt for the article F498 model Lidia Tr by Mara Bini, an ankle boot always with low heel but enhanced by the maxi laces in the front of the shoe.

Depending on the evening scheduled for Christmas or to celebrate the last day of the year, we have to choose a more or less elegant footwear to wear for the occasion.

If there is an elegant evening with elegant clothes, it is advisable to put a pair of décolleté in the suitcase or for those who do not like heels, a pair of ballerinas or moccasins, depending also on the chosen clothing.

For example, with an elegant dress we can opt for a décolleté like the F566 Perla model by Mara Bini or for those who want a red décolleté but with a simple line you can choose the item F512 model Perla Tr.

As for shoes without heels such as ballerinas and moccasin we can opt for a ballerina as the F51 model Lidia by Mara Bini in red or black version in horse leather, while for the moccasin, we can choose a classic moccasin with the right details like the article F536 model Gioia by Mara Bini.