How to combine the ankle logs

8 January 2019

In this new article we will give you some ideas to create fashionable looks by combining the ankle logs.

Let’s start with the first look that is composed of a very cool piece of clothing in this period, the denim skirt. Jeans skirt with a sweater combined with a simple pair of ankle logs but with some details like the article F516 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, total black but with a touch of light thanks to the round golden buckle.

The second look we have chosen is a beautiful dress with a long skirt in a pattern combined with colored ankle logs. For example, we can choose to wear a dress with long skirt with a black neutral base with some fantasy that is fashionable this season, with red flowers or why not in tartan pattern. Let’s combine a beautiful red pair of ankle logs that recalls the color of the fantasy of the dress like the article F518 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini.

The third look is a classic look that matches virtually any type of shoe we want to wear, the black dress. Whether it’s a sheath dress, with a short skirt or a long skirt, a black dress always has charm and goes perfectly with any shoe. So if on some occasion you do not know what to wear you opt for a black dress combined with ankle logs like the F519 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, black and simple but with the accessory on the tip that makes it elegant and fashionable.

The fourth look is really nice and trendy and it is the combination of shirt, longuette and ankle logs. Longuette in solid color or in pattern, always keeping the colors on a neutral tone, white shirt or tone on tone with the colors of the skirt with ruffles and ankle logs like the article F521 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, a black ankle log with details laces on the front.

Another classic look but always impressive is the look of high-waisted cigarette pants, shirt and ankle boots. Black high-waisted cigarette trousers, gray shirt and a stub like the F525 black model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini and the fifth look is done!

The sixth and last look, however, is a casual look that you can wear every day and is made of jeans, sweater and ankle boot. An example of a look is a skinny trousers in light shades, a matching sweater or a fantasy tucked inside the jeans or a maxi sweater and a simple ankle boot that gives a little tone to the look like the F532 model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini. A black ankle boot with zip at the back of the shoe.