4 Errors to avoid when we wear ballerinas

11 January 2019

You know, the choice in wearing the ballerinas is not a choice shared by everyone, they may like it.

This is a particular shoe and often judged badly, in reality they are very comfortable shoes and if combined in the right way you can really create very fashionable outfits.

In an article we wrote for you (which you can find HERE) we give you advice on how to wear ballerinas in winter.

While in this article we see together the 4 most common mistakes to avoid when we decide to wear the ballerinas.

  1. First of all you must avoid totally matching the ballerinas with cropped trousers or with length to the calves. They are pants that break the figure just making it look more stocky and low. Attention also to leggings or similar tight-fitting or low-waisted trousers with length above the ankle or to the calf always for the same reason of the figure.
  2. Also avoid wearing ballerinas with short or too short skirts, even for these items of clothing is the rule that, for those without a slender body, to create this combination breaks the figure, making it look lower than it really is and even more squat.
  3. Beware of socks! In summer, wearing ballerinas with stockings is a forbidden thing, while in winter you can close an eye and wear them, but only on one condition or that they are veiled and black! The flesh-colored stockings for years now are really out! Maybe in a few years they will be back in fashion, but in the meantime flesh-colored socks are banned and only in winter veiled and black to wear with ballerinas.
  4. The last common mistake to avoid when we wear ballerinas is to combine different materials or even wear the ballerinas of a certain material in the wrong season. For example, the suede ballet shoes for sure we can not wear them in the summer with the heat and with a linen dress as we can not wear ballerinas with a summer material, lace or even with parts of the shoe open in winter.