When we talk about Mara Bini footwear, we are certainly talking about quality.

Mara Bini shoes are footwear of the highest quality, thanks to many advantages such as the place of their production, the processing method and the materials used.

All footwear is designed and produced entirely made in Italy, as well as all the details that are hand-crafted: from stitching, to the assembly of materials to the addition of accessories by master craftsmen.

The processing of shoes by Mara Bini is the slip lasting method, a processing method able to give maximum comfort to the foot and maximum flexibility. In fact, the shoe is flexible, bending only by holding it between the index and the thumb.

In this special process all the rigid components of the shoe are eliminated, ensuring comfort and lightness to the wearer throughout the day, thus giving wellbeing to the foot and to the rest of the body.

The materials are personally chosen and are only top quality materials that over time resist in their total beauty and certified to protect the health of the wearer.

In addition to the pursuit of quality, Mara Bini shoes satisfy all customer requirements also in the appearance of the footwear, in fact, for every different season, you can find shoes for all tastes, from the most classic to the most particular with a wide range choice of items and models.

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Mara Bini shoes differ from all other footwear for some of their great qualities.

The first quality is certainly its production, totally Made in Italy by the hands of the best master craftsmen.

All the details are worked by hand, from the seam, to the assembly of the various materials up to the addition of the accessories.

The materials are personally chosen and are certified to protect the health of those wearing Mara Bini shoes. These are only top quality materials that over time resist in their total beauty, always remaining in the best possible way.

The quality of Mara Bini’s footwear is a guarantee for the health and well-being of the foot.

A shoe of excellent quality is essential as we wear it all day long and it is well known that the well-being of the whole body also passes from the feet.

In addition to the pursuit of quality, Mara Bini shoes satisfy all customer requirements also in the appearance of the footwear, in fact for every different season you can find shoes for all tastes, from the most classic to the most particular with a wide selection of articles and models.

The additional quality that we want to emphasize, as well as the real strength of Mara Bini, is the special slip lasting method.

The slip lasting method is a method of processing able to give maximum comfort to the foot and maximum flexibility: the shoe is in fact so flexible that you can fold it on itself only by holding it between the index finger and thumb.

This special processing eliminates all the rigid components of the shoe, guaranteeing comfort and lightness to the wearer.

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In this article we will give you some useful advice on how to organize your shoe rack, as it is well known that women who love shoes always have the problem of keeping the shoe rack in order in order to keep in mind which shoes they own.

First of all, the most opportune moment to reorganize the shoe rack is the change of season, so as to remove the shoes of the past season and fill the shoe rack with the footwear of the current season.

Then empty your shoe rack completely and, while storing the footwear of the past season, leave the shoe cabinet doors open for about half an hour to circulate the air.

Then thoroughly clean the shoe cabinet: if it is made of wood just pass a damp cloth, while if the shoe rack is made of plastic you should disinfect the interior to eliminate bacteria with water and ammonia or vinegar diluted in water.

After the shoe rack is completely dry, starting to place the shoes, we recommend putting the suede shoes on the top shelves of the shoe rack.

There are various methods for placing your shoes in order, we advise you to keep the ones you use most often in a comfortable and more easily accessible position, while the shoes you occasionally use you can organize them according to their shape and color.

If instead you have a large shoe rack you can put the shoes inside the boxes of the purchase or buy new ones and write the name of the shoe that you are going to put inside it.

Warning: it is always important to store the shoes in the shoe rack clean and brushed to keep them always in good condition.

The last piece of advice we give you is to place a small sachet of bicarbonate inside the shoe rack to absorb moisture and eliminate bad smells.

The daily care of shoes must be a routine gesture of your days, because it would be a shame to buy quality shoes like those of Mara Bini and not store them properly.

In this article we will give you some small tips to put in your habits to keep your shoes in perfect condition.

When buying the shoe, do not throw away the box in which your shoes are stored as it can be useful for storing your shoes during the change of season.

The first day you wear the shoes you have just bought, do not wear them all day, but wear them only a few hours so that the foot gets used to the shape and bottom of the new shoe.

In addition, it is preferable not to wear the same shoe more than two consecutive days, in fact you should let it rest so as to make it also ventilate from any perspiration.

As soon as you take off your shoes, clean them!

Each shoe of different material also has its own method of cleaning, in fact, depending on the material, you will have to brush them, pass the cream to moisturize the skin, pass a damp cloth or a sponge.

The shoes should never be stored dirty in the shoe rack and cleaned every day to avoid shortening their life due to dirt and dust that will ruin the skin over time.

If you do not have to wear the same pair of shoes the next day, we advise you to put talcum powder or a special deodorant in the inner sole to avoid unpleasant odors and to fill the shoe with paper so that it does not lose its shape.

Be careful not to overlap the shoes in the shoe rack as it could alter the shape.

Another small tip is to place in the shoe rack of the breathable bags filled with bicarbonate to absorb moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors.

These are small precautions to remember every day to keep the footwear in good condition so you can use it over time.

Often out of laziness or the short time available, when we enter a store, after choosing the shoe that we like most aesthetically, we buy it without even trying it taking the number that we usually carry.

We always advise you before buying the footwear to try it and take a few steps.

In this article we give you some tips to find the perfect number for your foot.

If the question is easier for clothes because it is enough to choose a size less or a size more, for the shoe numbers the question is a bit ‘more complex especially when there are no half numbers.

A shoe must be able to maintain your weight perfectly, it must be comfortable and adaptable because we wear it all day and you know that the foot is an essential part that must be good for the well-being of the whole body.

There are various methods to recognize the appropriate number for your foot including:

– Obviously try the footwear before buying

– Touch the tip of the shoe to evaluate the space between the toe of the foot and the tip of the shoe (must be at least 1 cm)

– Buy shoes at a time when our feet are not swollen or painful

– Try the shoes with the socks that you usually wear

– Make sure there is space between the heel and the shoe (should you pass a finger to be the right size)

In the case where, for various reasons, you can not try the footwear before the purchase, the only method is to find your number by drawing the shape of your foot on a sheet, measure the height, subtract 5mm and compare the cm obtained on a special table that will indicate the number relative to the cm of your foot.

We also remind you to also pay attention to the width of the plant of your foot because the foot must be in full comfort, and we also remind you that not all shoes have the same fit so the best thing to do before buying a pair of shoes is to try them to make sure you buy a shoe with the perfect number for your foot.

Have you ever thought about which shoes are essential in your shoe rack?

In this article we will give you an idea of ​​how many and which footwear should never be missing in your shoe rack for the Spring – Summer season.

Let’s start with the first shoe that should never be missing in your shoe rack, that is the moccasin.

The moccasin is a shoe easily adaptable to any type of look, you can wear it both during the day with casual clothing, or in the evening with a dress or a more elegant and formal look.

Especially if it is a plain-colored moccasin it will be very easy to wear with different outfits, such as the articles of Mara Bini article E314 Gioia model or the article E317 Gioia model too.

For those who are not very inclined to a shoe like the moccasin, we recommend having at least one pair of ballerinas in their shoe rack.

Ballerinas, just like moccasins, are perfect shoes to be worn with multiple looks and can be worn with the same ease both day and night.

There are various types of ballerinas, from the simplest and basic ones such as the article E299 model Saki to a more particular dancer such as the article E304 model Saki or the article E310 model Saki with open heel surrounded only by the buckle.

Another item to have in your shoe rack is the sabot or mules.

It is a comfortable and practical shoe that always maintains style.

It too is an item to wear with ease with different types of look and unlike the moccasin, having the heel uncovered, it is very fresh.

The last essential item in your shoe rack is a pair of sneakers or slip on.

Even for the most elegant people there is the occasion that requires more informal and sporty clothing, and it is good to always have a pair of comfortable shoes in your shoe rack.

Attention that a comfortable shoe does not have to be ugly and too sporty, there are in fact sports models that perfectly combine comfort with elegance, such as the articles of Mara Bini E902 and article E903 model Sophia.

Assuming that a right shoe for your foot should not hurt you and despite the fact that, at the time of the various tests before the purchase, the shoe looks perfect for you, it may happen that the footwear, after a few times you wear it, may hurt you.

In this article we give you some little advice to prevent your new shoes from hurting you.

If you feel too narrow shoes for example, there are various methods to try to enlarge them, we recommend two that for us are the most valid:

  1. to try to widen the footwear too tight, the first advice we give you is to wear a few hours at home with the double sock, so the shoes should slowly widen.
  2. The second advice of the case, perhaps the safest, is to put in your shoes shapes made of plastic or wood to make them widen so as to solve the problem.

If instead the shoes are too wide, the advice we give you in this case is to buy an insole and insert it into your shoe so as to make it narrower.

For the problem instead of the straps, which can cause irritation or blisters, the most useful advice we can give you is to buy special pads that you can find on the market in the form of adhesive strips. Just apply them in the edge of your straps and you’re done. Likewise, if you experience discomfort in the back of the heel and you have bladders there, you can easily buy valid adhesive silicone pads for the heel.

The last quick tips we give you are the following:

– Never buy shoes with swollen feet;

– At the time of purchase try the shoe, get up and take a few steps to better evaluate the fit of the shoe and any discomfort;

– Just after the purchase, before wearing shoes to go out, wear shoes at home to ensure that the shoe is best suited to the foot;

– Buy only excellent quality shoes , such as shoes by Mara Bini that, thanks to the slip-lasting method, they will give you maximum comfort combined with elegance and sportiness.

Taking care of your shoes and storing them in the most appropriate way ensures that the shoes are kept at their best and thus allow them to last much longer.

In this article we will give you some useful advice on how to properly store your shoes at each change of season, keeping them in good condition.

First of all it is always a good idea to keep your shoes clean, possibly weekly, obviously being careful to clean them properly according to the material they are made of. If you are undecided about the cleaning method and the products to be used, it is always better to ask the seller the best method to avoid damaging the shoes.

Always check that soles and heels are in good condition, if they are worn wear immediately the footwear from the shoemaker to have them replaced.

To store the shoes while keeping them in good condition, you need a suitable place, a place where sunlight, water or dust do not arrive to prevent the shoes from fading, ruining and avoiding the formation of mold.

The ideal would be to put them in their box that they gave you when you bought or you can opt for a simple plastic container.

The first thing to do before putting away the shoes is to prepare them cleanly to perfection because if we place them dirty, with stains or dust the material with which they are made could be damaged. In this regard, an important thing is to dry them completely, thus avoiding the formation of mold or the alteration of the shape of the shoe.

Another step is to fill the shoes with acid-free paper to keep them fit, careful not to use newsprint as it may stain the inside of the shoe. The ideal would be to insert into the shoe the plastic or even better forms of cedar wood, which, in addition to maintaining the shape of the shoe, helps keep the smell fresh and keeps away insects and moths.

The silica gel sachets can also be placed inside the box to keep the footwear fresh.

After these procedures your shoes are ready to be stored but we also remind you that, if you intend to put them aside for a long time, it is a good rule, every two weeks or so, to take them out of the box and let to take air.

When choosing to purchase a shoe it is right to make some evaluations such as processing, aesthetic touch and quality.

The quality must surely be the first priority as it is vital that the shoes are suitable for your feet, that they are comfortable and that first quality materials have been used, to avoid unpleasant postural disturbances or discomfort to the feet and buy shoes that then they will be used one or at most twice because they are too inconvenient or because they last very little because of the poor materials used for production does not make much sense.

For this reason it is important to buy only quality shoes, and quality can be associated with Made in Italy workmanship.

Made in Italy shoes ensure quality thanks to the safety of the materials used for production, which are carefully chosen materials and above all only top quality materials.

The totally Made in Italy production boasts a finished product at the top thanks to the precision of the assembly and the meticulous finishing of every part of a shoe.

Marabini, in addition to ensuring top quality materials and production totally Made in Italy, also offers in its shoes the special slip lasting method, which makes their shoes even more comfortable and ensures the quality and beauty of the same over time.

In this season Spring – Summer 2018 Marabini offers a wide range of footwear and different items for each model, so as to offer more choice to meet all the needs of each customer.

You can find ballerinas, moccasins, slip on and even the current mules or sabot that are now forcefully very popular throughout the fashion world.

Marabini combines the quality of its materials used for production, slip lasting method and the beauty and elegance that distinguishes its footwear.

In the last article we gave you advice on how to combine our shoes of the Sophia model, included in the Spring Summer 2018 collection, while in this article we have chosen to give you some ideas to combine some items of the Gioia model, also from the Spring Summer collection 2018: article E314, article E325 and finally article E318.

Let’s start with the article E314 Gioia model: it is a particular moccasin with upper in fantasy of various colors and accessory in the center in the front of the shoe.

This item is a type of footwear that everyone should have in their wardrobe because it is a very comfortable and easy to wear product for any occasion.

An excellent casual outfit to combine with the E314 article is made of jeans and a classic shirt, possibly maintaining the shade of blue.

Another outfit that we can choose is characterized by a black palazzo pants and a short top in solid color, thus obtaining a more elegant and fashionable look, or we can opt for a plain-colored jumpsuit so as to wear the E314 article as a real detail of the look.

The second item we have chosen is the article E325 Gioia model: the article is a shoe with closed toe and open heel.

At the front we find tassels and a delicate flat bow that gives elegance, while the upper plays with geometric shapes and colors.

This article is very elegant and gives any look a touch of style.

It combines perfectly with a simple plain dress or a top and a medium-length skirt that reminds a little of the good-looking looks of the Sixties.

Another outfit that goes well with it is composed of a simple plain t-shirt and a trousers with a classic line, alternatively, in order to dampen the look a bit too elegant, we can choose to combine the article E325 with a jeans and a t-shirt and thus make the look more casual.

The last article chosen for the Gioia model is the article E318, it is a sabot (also called mules) with a particular upper with a quilted effect and a detail on the front.

This article is easy enough to match any look, even if it is mainly combined perfectly with a dress or a short or long skirt.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more casual look with trousers or short jeans combined with a simple t-shirt.

The article E318, in addition to being a passepartout article, is also very convenient and practical, once you try it you always want to wear it with any look.