Taking care of your shoes and storing them in the most appropriate way ensures that the shoes are kept at their best and thus allow them to last much longer.

In this article we will give you some useful advice on how to properly store your shoes at each change of season, keeping them in good condition.

First of all it is always a good idea to keep your shoes clean, possibly weekly, obviously being careful to clean them properly according to the material they are made of. If you are undecided about the cleaning method and the products to be used, it is always better to ask the seller the best method to avoid damaging the shoes.

Always check that soles and heels are in good condition, if they are worn wear immediately the footwear from the shoemaker to have them replaced.

To store the shoes while keeping them in good condition, you need a suitable place, a place where sunlight, water or dust do not arrive to prevent the shoes from fading, ruining and avoiding the formation of mold.

The ideal would be to put them in their box that they gave you when you bought or you can opt for a simple plastic container.

The first thing to do before putting away the shoes is to prepare them cleanly to perfection because if we place them dirty, with stains or dust the material with which they are made could be damaged. In this regard, an important thing is to dry them completely, thus avoiding the formation of mold or the alteration of the shape of the shoe.

Another step is to fill the shoes with acid-free paper to keep them fit, careful not to use newsprint as it may stain the inside of the shoe. The ideal would be to insert into the shoe the plastic or even better forms of cedar wood, which, in addition to maintaining the shape of the shoe, helps keep the smell fresh and keeps away insects and moths.

The silica gel sachets can also be placed inside the box to keep the footwear fresh.

After these procedures your shoes are ready to be stored but we also remind you that, if you intend to put them aside for a long time, it is a good rule, every two weeks or so, to take them out of the box and let to take air.

When choosing to purchase a shoe it is right to make some evaluations such as processing, aesthetic touch and quality.

The quality must surely be the first priority as it is vital that the shoes are suitable for your feet, that they are comfortable and that first quality materials have been used, to avoid unpleasant postural disturbances or discomfort to the feet and buy shoes that then they will be used one or at most twice because they are too inconvenient or because they last very little because of the poor materials used for production does not make much sense.

For this reason it is important to buy only quality shoes, and quality can be associated with Made in Italy workmanship.

Made in Italy shoes ensure quality thanks to the safety of the materials used for production, which are carefully chosen materials and above all only top quality materials.

The totally Made in Italy production boasts a finished product at the top thanks to the precision of the assembly and the meticulous finishing of every part of a shoe.

Marabini, in addition to ensuring top quality materials and production totally Made in Italy, also offers in its shoes the special slip lasting method, which makes their shoes even more comfortable and ensures the quality and beauty of the same over time.

In this season Spring – Summer 2018 Marabini offers a wide range of footwear and different items for each model, so as to offer more choice to meet all the needs of each customer.

You can find ballerinas, moccasins, slip on and even the current mules or sabot that are now forcefully very popular throughout the fashion world.

Marabini combines the quality of its materials used for production, slip lasting method and the beauty and elegance that distinguishes its footwear.

In the last article we gave you advice on how to combine our shoes of the Sophia model, included in the Spring Summer 2018 collection, while in this article we have chosen to give you some ideas to combine some items of the Gioia model, also from the Spring Summer collection 2018: article E314, article E325 and finally article E318.

Let’s start with the article E314 Gioia model: it is a particular moccasin with upper in fantasy of various colors and accessory in the center in the front of the shoe.

This item is a type of footwear that everyone should have in their wardrobe because it is a very comfortable and easy to wear product for any occasion.

An excellent casual outfit to combine with the E314 article is made of jeans and a classic shirt, possibly maintaining the shade of blue.

Another outfit that we can choose is characterized by a black palazzo pants and a short top in solid color, thus obtaining a more elegant and fashionable look, or we can opt for a plain-colored jumpsuit so as to wear the E314 article as a real detail of the look.

The second item we have chosen is the article E325 Gioia model: the article is a shoe with closed toe and open heel.

At the front we find tassels and a delicate flat bow that gives elegance, while the upper plays with geometric shapes and colors.

This article is very elegant and gives any look a touch of style.

It combines perfectly with a simple plain dress or a top and a medium-length skirt that reminds a little of the good-looking looks of the Sixties.

Another outfit that goes well with it is composed of a simple plain t-shirt and a trousers with a classic line, alternatively, in order to dampen the look a bit too elegant, we can choose to combine the article E325 with a jeans and a t-shirt and thus make the look more casual.

The last article chosen for the Gioia model is the article E318, it is a sabot (also called mules) with a particular upper with a quilted effect and a detail on the front.

This article is easy enough to match any look, even if it is mainly combined perfectly with a dress or a short or long skirt.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more casual look with trousers or short jeans combined with a simple t-shirt.

The article E318, in addition to being a passepartout article, is also very convenient and practical, once you try it you always want to wear it with any look.

Is it time to pack your next trip and do not know what shoes to put in your suitcases?

In this article we will give you some advice on essential shoes to pack for your next trip.

At the beach, in the mountains or in the city, the essential footwears to carry in a suitcase are at least four.

Let’s start with the first shoe, the moccasin: the moccasin is always useful because it can be combined both day and night.

For example, during the day you can combine it with a casual look like a soft trousers and tops, or in the evening with a pair of jeans and a shirt. It is also useful if we wear a solid color look to give a touch of color with a colorful moccasin such as our article E314 model Gioia, which with its particular imagination and its colors can give a touch of style and color to the look.

As a second shoe, instead, we talk about a sandal or alternatively a shoe with a closed toe and an open back like our article E325 model Gioia, very useful because it can be combined with a dress or a skirt, both in the evening and during the day, giving a touch of elegance and bon ton to your look.

The third shoe is a sabot or a comfortable slipper, practical but which maintains the style of the look.

It matches perfectly day or night with a simple dress or with jeans and blouse and above all, if it has any particular detail, the final look will be cured and elegant, like our article E319 model Gioia, which, thanks to the detail of the Striped band with appliqués of bright accessories, makes this shoe elegant, fashionable and of great style.

The fourth shoe that you should never forget in your suitcase are sneakers.

Sneakers can always be useful in case of a long walk or simply for the trip to keep you more comfortable.

For a sneaker with a more elegant look, you can opt for a slip-on such as our Sophia model E903 article, a simple and easy to match model but with a detail that makes the shoe an important element of our look.

For the Spring-Summer 2018 season, Marabini presents different models and items, but what is the best way to combine these models with your outfits? Let’s see together some tips to make the most of the small Marabini jewelery.

Today we have chosen the Sophie model, with its three articles: article E901, article E902 and article E903.

Let’s start with the first shoe, the E901: it is an article of the Sophie model that differs from other items with the upper in woven leather, tassels and bow at the center of the shoe in the front.

This particular item is preferably combined with a simple outfit: a jeans with a blouse of neutral colors or jeans with a simple white shirt.

Another perfect outfit for this item is a black trousers paired with a simple top or can be combined with a plain-colored jumpsuit.

The E902 article, instead, has the smooth upper with tassels in the front of the shoe and enriched by an accessory in the middle.

The article E902 model Sophie is a simple but very elegant article, it can be combined with a simple outfit consisting of jeans and white shirt or it combines very well with a long skirt and a neutral colored top.

Another outfit to combine this elegant item is a dress with long skirt, so as to make it more elegant and personalized.

This article, thanks to its simplicity and elegance, can enrich any your simple look making it more special and sophisticated.

Finally, the article E903: this article has a smooth upper and enriches the look with its cheeky side thanks to the large laces that form a bow at the front of the shoe.

This article fits perfectly with an outfit consisting of a simple white or neutral-colored t-shirt and a short skirt up to the knee.

The E903 article can also be matched by distorting the look with a dress with a full skirt, a little ‘sixties, or you can always combine with a simple and classic outfit making it less formal and less elegant with a hint of more casual look.

Mara Bini presents the new Capsule Collection Tripon: it is a continuous sporting item, a mix of comfort, thanks to the slip lasting method, and quality, thanks to the precious leathers like the Tripon leather.

The slip lasting method is a special process that makes the shoe comfortable and flexible, in fact, thanks to this processing are excluded all the rigid components from the shoe.

Moreover, the side zip closure offers a more comfortable and easy use of the shoe, while the medium-sized heel gives a touch of elegance and refinement that does not affect the excellent wearability of these new models.

The Tripon leather, however, is made up of small but selected top-quality leathers of Mexican little goats.

Through slip lasting method combined with the use of Tripon leather, Mara Bini gives the shoes of the Capsule Tripon collection shine, elegance, lightness and the certainty of wearing a fine and fashionable shoe.

“The foot has 28 bones, 27 joints, 100 ligaments, 25 muscles and a highly branched nervous and capillary system. It takes a shoe that is worthy. ”

–  Anonymous

Shoes are an essential part of our look, especially for women and shoes, you know, are always an object of desire, in fact every occasion is good to buy a new pair!

But in addition to the aesthetic factor, beauty and fashion to be followed at all costs, shoes must be comfortable and of good quality to offer the foot the best comfort, especially for those who wear shoes throughout the day.

Especially in the case of those who, perhaps due to work necessity, must remain standing for several consecutive hours and could consequently incur problems in the feet, knees or back, it is important to wear shoes of excellent quality to not make the situation worse.

That’s why Mara Bini has decided to set itself as the first goal, for its own production of footwear, the comfort that every final customer is constantly looking for.

Thanks to the special slip lasting method, adopted by Mara Bini, the shoes are comfortable, light and so soft that they can be folded simply by holding them between thumb and forefinger.

Through this process it is possible to eliminate all the most rigid materials, allowing the foot total comfort, both on the lower shoes and on those with a few centimeters of heel.

In addition to this aspect, Mara Bini also cares about the highest quality materials, to make the shoes perfect also from the material point of view, in terms of durability, resistance and wellbeing of the foot. Moreover, thanks to the creativity of its designers and modellers, Mara Bini shoes, as well as comfortable, are also fashionable and can match the always refined comfort with style and beauty, thus satisfying even the most demanding tastes of their customers.

If you are looking for a quality shoe able to last over time, comfortable to wear for many hours without your foot having to ask for mercy and finally without giving up the aesthetic beauty of the shoe, then come and discover the vast Spring Summer collection 2018 by Mara Bini.

As there are general good manners rules, there are also rules of etiquette concerning the world of footwear.

Below we list the rules to keep in mind not to make a bad impression and to always respect etiquette.

Heel height: heel height changes for every different moment of the day. However there may be exceptions due to the participation in some special event.

In general, the square, big or cigar heel should be worn during the day. While the high stiletto heel should only be worn in the evening.

The ideal heel should have a height between 5 cm and 8 cm.

As for the low shoes, without heels, the etiquette does not prohibit them, but neither does it recommend them because a low shoe affects the elegance of posture and femininity.

Open shoes: open shoes must absolutely be worn with super-groomed feet. According to the etiquette, open shoes should not be worn in places of worship or in the workplace.

Another rule of etiquette says that in a formal context, even if with open shoes, very light collant should be worn. This year fashion has changed the look by wearing the socks with the open shoes, going against the etiquette.

Models: according to the etiquette, the three essential shoes for a woman are: décolleté, open toe and the chanel model. In basic colors so you can combine them with different outfits.

Color: the classic color for the shoes are black, nude and leather. For the evening, shoes of metallic colors and jeweled shoes are allowed, keeping in mind not to overdo the accessories.

As for the combination of shoes and bags, we refer you to our recent article that you can find HERE.

Stockings: as already mentioned, the stockings, according to the etiquette, are to be worn with the open shoes only in formal contexts, while for the closed shoes the socks must always be worn.

As a last rule, etiquette states that shoes must always be clean and intact.

You have to take care of them, keep them clean and in case of broken heels or damaged soles resort to the help of a shoemaker.

When we talk about having only the indispensable in our closet, then the indispensable must also include a pair of red shoes.

Those who love them with a stiletto heel, those with a chunky heel and plateau, those with a wedge, those who love the ballerina or those who love the midi heel.

The important thing is to have a pair of red shoes in your closet!

Red shoes are a must because they can give vitality  to a too simple look and save an outfit giving it a little color and liveliness.

The red shoes are still classic and elegant shoes, you just need to know how to combine them in the right way without falling into vulgarity or without joining together in the look too much color.

Let’s see together the various rules to best match a pair of red shoes.

First of all we must know that the red shoes match perfectly with neutral colors and colors like black, brown and blue.

They also match perfectly with fancy clothing, as long as they are neutral in color.

Instead, do you want to wear a summer and colorful look with your red shoes? No problem, in fact, the red shoes can also be combined with clothing with opposite or complementary colors, such as yellow, orange or pink.

With a simple look, however, such as jeans and a solid color t-shirt, red shoes are a perfect accessory to give a touch of color to your look.

In addition to the red shoes, for a simple look you can combine the red bag, the belt or the lipstick of the same nuance of the shoes, so as to make the look complete without weighing it down or making it vulgar.

What are the pairings to avoid?

No red shoes combined with a red dress, would make the look too heavy and tacky.

No to red shoes combined with a bright green dress, the green color and the red color recall too much the Christmas atmosphere and however already the green has its visual component very attractive, if we add a pair of red shoes then you will surely be noticed, but not always in a positive way!

Also avoid charging the outfit with too many red accessories, so no necklaces, earrings, rings or red scarves.

In this article we will list the 10 curiosities you do not know about shoes, from the oldest to those of our modern times.

  1. Stiletto heel: the stiletto heel was born in Italy and was invented in the 50s by some Vigevano artisans.
  2. Flip-flops: the flip-flops have very distant origins, they were already used in ancient Roman times, in Japan, in Greece and in ancient Egypt.
  3. Imelda Marcos, wife of the former president of the Philippines Ferdinando Marcos, had in his closet about 3200 pairs of shoes that, lined up one after the other, would exceed twice the height of the Eiffel Tower.

4 Sneakers: the name “Sneakers”, the shoes with rubber sole that we still use, comes from a British policeman who invented the shoes with the rubber sole in the nineteenth century so that the police did not make noise and do not let themselves be discovered by criminals in this way. “To sneak” in fact means “hidden”.

  1. The British designer Dominic Wilcox has invented shoes with integrated GPS, which, when the heels are slammed together, allows the shoes, through some small lights, to indicate the distance and the way to go home.
  2. The Italian phrase “fare le scarpe a qualcuno”, which litteraly in English is “making the shoes to someone” means damaging him and taking his place: this expression derives from military jargon when a soldier was wearing the shoes of a dead soldier.
  3. The most expensive shoes were made and sold in New York: a pair of shoes with diamonds and 18-karat gold worth as much as € 118 thousand.
  4. The biggest shoes ever worn are those used by the tallest man in the world, 8.2 feets and 24.5 of shoe size! Shoes obviously made to measure.
  5. In Mexico it is traditional to wear cowboy boots with a long tip, which can be up to 1 meter in length.
  6. In the United States, women, to show off a perfect foot, are even willing to resort to scalpels. Smooth out the soles of the foot, shorten the fingers or perform collagen injections that create a cushion under the sole of the foot to withstand the long days above the heels.