The doubt that grips every woman is: how do I match the shoes with the bag?

In this article we will give you some tips to solve this dilemma.

Grandmothers and mothers have always set us as a rule that bags and shoes always go in color coordinated, but now this dogma still applies?

Do shoes and bags have to be combined?

They are combined in the case of particular colors or if we wear a patterned dress.

Or when we wear particularly colorful clothes and we want to use a neutral colored bag, therefore, the shoe will be combined with the same color of the bag to not make the “Arlecchino” effect look.

Or even when we wear a bag in pattern we can combine shoes of a color that is present in the bag and vice versa.

When are shoes and bags not coordinated?

When we wear a boring look, such as a little black dress, in this case bag and shoe of different shades can liven up the look with a bit of color.

Another example is when we wear a basic look, such as trousers and shirt or the classic jeans and shirt, in this case we make the look less foregone and personalized by wearing shoes and a bag of different colors.

Another point not to forget is: do we want to bet on the bag or on the shoe?

For example, if we want to enhance our look with a red bag, then you should wear shoes of the color of the outfit or neutral or in case we want to bet everything on our shoes, then should be used a neutral colored bag.

If our look is monochromatic we can use the technique of contrasting textures, same color but different material!

The last interesting point, which we see in the fashion of this moment, is to combine shoes and bags of pastel color even if they are different colors as pastel shades will make the look homogeneous.