Mara Bini presents the new Capsule Collection Tripon.

The new Capsule Collection Tripon consists of the highest quality items and great comfort but without neglecting the aesthetic side with elegant features with a touch of sporty look.

Thanks to the slip lasting method, the strong point of Mara Bini, the shoe gives maximum comfort to the foot while its excellent quality is given by the precious leathers, the Tripon leather, used for the production of the item.

The slip lasting method is a special process that makes the shoe comfortable and flexible, in fact thanks to this processing are excluded during the production of the shoe all the rigid components ensuring comfort to the wearer’s feet for the duration of time.

Another detail that offers an even more comfortable and easy use of the shoe is the side zip closure, while the medium-sized heel gives a touch of elegance and refinement that does not affect the excellent wearability of these new models.

The Tripon leather, on the other hand, consists of small but selected top-quality leathers of Mexican little goats that give the shoe shine and quality.

Through slip lasting method combined with the use of Tripon leather, Mara Bini gives the shoes of the Capsule Tripon collection shine, elegance, lightness and the certainty of wearing a fine and fashionable footwear.