Shoes have an important meaning in dreams.

Have you ever dreamed of shoes and not having understood the connection between the dream and the shoes that are the protagonists of your dream?

What meaning do shoes have in dreams?

Shoes are recurring objects in dreams and represent the connection with reality, the way you proceed in life, your social role and your identity as well as being an object of seduction.

There are various meanings related to shoes in dreams: let’s discover together the most important.

  • Dreaming of buying shoes: when you dream of buying new shoes, the meaning is: new situations. If you dream of having a lot of pairs of shoes in front of you and not being able to decide which one to buy or not to find your shoe size, it means that you have difficulty adapting to changes, or it may indicate dissatisfaction.
  • Dreaming of beautiful, elegant and comfortable shoes: the meaning is happiness, self-esteem, optimism and ambition.
  • Dreaming of wearing big shoes: it means that you suffer loneliness and discomfort.
  • Dreaming of tight shoes: it can mean that you are experiencing suffocating relationships or uncomfortable situations.
  • Dreaming of wearing other people’s shoes: the meaning of dreaming of wearing other people’s shoes is mostly due to the desire to resemble the person who owns the shoes we wear in the dream.
  • Dreaming of wearing inverted shoes: it means feeling guilt for some reason, or having a confusion within oneself.
  • Misleading shoes: dreaming of wearing shoes of different colors or different numbers reveals a personal imbalance.
  • Dreaming of not being able to wear shoes: this means insecurity and discomfort.
  • Dreaming of not being able to take off the shoes: this dream means the fear or the difficulty of letting go yourself.
  • Inappropriate shoes: dreaming of wearing inappropriate shoes (for example wearing slippers at a wedding) can mean that you do not feel part of a new social environment
  • Broken shoes: the meaning of dreaming of wearing broken shoes is due to an uncomfortable situation. It can also mean that you have to work hard to achieve your wishes.
  • Losing shoes: dreaming of losing our shoes or not finding them where we left them, means having little self-esteem, fear of being exposed to the judgment of others.