As there are general good manners rules, there are also rules of etiquette concerning the world of footwear.

Below we list the rules to keep in mind not to make a bad impression and to always respect etiquette.

Heel height: heel height changes for every different moment of the day. However there may be exceptions due to the participation in some special event.

In general, the square, big or cigar heel should be worn during the day. While the high stiletto heel should only be worn in the evening.

The ideal heel should have a height between 5 cm and 8 cm.

As for the low shoes, without heels, the etiquette does not prohibit them, but neither does it recommend them because a low shoe affects the elegance of posture and femininity.

Open shoes: open shoes must absolutely be worn with super-groomed feet. According to the etiquette, open shoes should not be worn in places of worship or in the workplace.

Another rule of etiquette says that in a formal context, even if with open shoes, very light collant should be worn. This year fashion has changed the look by wearing the socks with the open shoes, going against the etiquette.

Models: according to the etiquette, the three essential shoes for a woman are: décolleté, open toe and the chanel model. In basic colors so you can combine them with different outfits.

Color: the classic color for the shoes are black, nude and leather. For the evening, shoes of metallic colors and jeweled shoes are allowed, keeping in mind not to overdo the accessories.

As for the combination of shoes and bags, we refer you to our recent article that you can find HERE.

Stockings: as already mentioned, the stockings, according to the etiquette, are to be worn with the open shoes only in formal contexts, while for the closed shoes the socks must always be worn.

As a last rule, etiquette states that shoes must always be clean and intact.

You have to take care of them, keep them clean and in case of broken heels or damaged soles resort to the help of a shoemaker.