Often when a job interview is scheduled for a new job, there is an agitation in choosing the right clothes and shoes.

It is well known that at a job interview almost always the first impression is what matters, so it is very important to wear clothes and shoes that reflect ourselves, combined in a look with which we are comfortable but at the same time is also suitable for the occasion.

What are the most suitable shoes for a job interview?

We assume that shoes should always be combined with clothing and in this case also depends on the working position for which it is proposed, the working environment and the dress code of the company.

Mainly, footwear with a heel of over 5cm is not recommended as it may give a different idea of ​​one’s own personality to others.

If the job interview is in a creative environment, the look may be less formal and you can easily wear more particular and characterful shoes such as the F507 article of Mara Bini’s Lidia model with a rock touch, but at the same time elegant time, perhaps combined with a simple shirt and an ankle-style trousers in the palace.

Or the Mara Bini model F513 Perla model for those without heels can not stand, a shoe that combines the comfort of the heel to the elegance of the shape of the shoe completing everything from the particular of the laces and their material. Combined with a dress with a knee-length skirt or trousers and shirt.

For those who will support a job interview in a more formal environment, we recommend wearing elegant shoes and neutral colors: usually with the total black look you are never wrong.

For example, with the F542 model, Chiara by Mara Bini, you create an elegant look but without exaggerating, it is a type of elegant shoe that can also be worn with casual clothing to give a touch of elegance to the final look.

For those who instead adore the moccasins we recommend the article F537 model Gioia by Mara Bini, a moccasin with a classic but decisive line, ideal to combine with a suit, with a trousers and shirt or even with a nice sheath dress with a skirt underneath to the knee.

For those who are for the heels team we recommend the article F566 Perla model by Mara Bini, a shoe with a chunky, non-vulgar heel with a classic, delicate and elegant line embellished with an accessory detail on the front. Perfect to combine with both trousers and skirts.