After taking part in the Micam footwear fair in Milan, the new collection is presented for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

Now a few months are left to spring and summer so why not think about the footwear that will go out of fashion next season?

In this article we see Donna fashion together with regard to the footwear sector for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

Kitten Heels: kitten heels are nothing but décolleté with a midi heel from a few cm to a maximum of 5 cm. In recent seasons they have been only partially present while for this new season they are very popular shoes just like the Getty model B738 article in the classic style, with some details like the G719 model Betty or in the slingback version that is partially uncovered as a the G721 model Betty model by Mara Bini.

Another item that is always a must as in the past few seasons, is the moccasin. Present in various versions: classic as the E314 model Gioia, classic but with a touch of style as the G742 model Gioia or particular like the article G749 model Soft by Mara Bini.

Even the ballerinas are still very fashionable shoes for this new season, in the classic version like the Lidia G698 model or in the new version for this new season, or in the Slingback version as the Lance model G696 by Mara Bini.

Also for this year as last year, the sabot shoe model is very fashionable, although for this new season it will be the slingback version to be chosen as the G715 model Saki Sabot by Mara Bini.

For what concerns the world heel on footwear for this new season Spring Summer 2019 will be present the chunky and comfortable as the elegant article G734 model Sabina by Mara Bini.

Furthermore, the favorite print for this new season confirms the spotted print, also with regard to the world of footwear.

Discover our new Spring Summer collection at the link:

Often when we are about to buy a shoe, the staff calls the different shoes with various names that indicate the different model.

In this article we see some shoe names together.

Ankle Boots: the ankle boots are nothing more than boots, but unlike the boots, whose height stops at the calf, in the ankle boots the height stops about the ankle or just below it. Ankle boots can be high or low, with open or closed toe. An example? The article F501 model Lidia Tr by Mara Bini.

Boots: boots are all types of boots also called bikers, their height can end just above the ankle or up to the calf, like the article F546 model Chiara Tr by Mara Bini.

Décolleté: décolleté shoes are a type of footwear impossible to not know, they are unmistakable!

The most desired shoes and loved by all women. You can find different models with or without plateau, with or without strap, but the only thing that unites them is the heel! An example is Mara Bini’s F512 model Perla model.

Kitten Shoes: Kitten Shoes are similar to the décolleté but with the particularity of having a low heel of a few centimeters or midi. They are shoes with a romantic and bon ton style like the G721 Betty model of the new Mara Bini Spring Summer 2019 collection.

Mules: mules, also called sabot, are a type of shoe with a closed toe but with an open heel that can also be used as a buckle, very comfortable and fashionable like the article G715 model Saki Sabot of the new spring-summer 2019 collection by Mara Bini.

Tronchetto: the tronchetto is nothing more than an ankle boot but with a high heel. An example is the article F522 model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini.

Ballerina: the ballerinas are a type of ground-level footwear, completely closed except for the part of the back of the foot that remains uncovered, like the article F504 model Lidia by Mara Bini.

Moccasins: the moccasins are a type of footwear similar to the ballerina but completely closed, the only difference is their style more elegant and formal as the article F536 model Gioia by Mara Bini.

Oxford: the oxford or also called English shoes are shoes without heels, sometimes lace-up or with some accessory in the part of the back of the foot, giving a british and collegiate look like the article F547 model Chiara by Mara Bini.

What is the women’s favorite shoe that is present in any shoe rack in the world?

Of course, we’re talking about the décolleté!

There are women who only have one pair and use them as a passepartout instead of women who have all the colors and materials, but what are the most suitable outfits to wear with décolleté?

In this article we see together 4 simple but at the same time fashionable looks to wear with décolleté.

First we remind you of three basic rules:

– Never wear shoes of a similar color or material but not the same as the rest of the clothing

– Never wear red décolleté with a red dress

– Never wear red décolleté with a green dress to avoid the Christmas tree effect.

The first look we have chosen is the classic little black dress combined with a red décolleté like the F512 article or black like the F566 model Perla by Mara Bini.

The second look is made of light blue boyfriend jeans, paired with a maxi sweater and décolleté like the Mara Bini F511 model Perla.

The third look, on the other hand, consists of high-waisted black trousers in the palazzo, a shirt with some red details, for example in a tartan pattern combined with a décolleté like the F513 article by Mara Bini.

The fourth and last look is composed of a soft colored dress or fantasy or a nice dress with some particular work combined with a décolleté like the F566 model Perla by Mara Bini.

For this winter season 2018 – 2019 the ankle boots were really the protagonists, in different materials and colors also in the Mara Bini collection there is a wide choice of ankle boots to satisfy all tastes.

The ankle boots, in fact, are a type of comfortable footwear that goes well with almost any type of outfit we decide to wear.

But be careful, even for this type of footwear you have to be careful not to make mistakes by wearing them or matching them in the wrong way.

In this article, in fact, we see together the four fundamental errors to avoid when we decide to wear ankle boots.

The first mistake to avoid is to match the boots with shorts in jeans too short. The combination between short and stub is there, but as long as the short is not too short and not in jeans because the shorts in jeans create the effect summer and sea.

The second mistake to be avoided concerns all the women of short stature, as we have already anticipated in some other article, for a low woman wearing skirts or pants on the calf with ankle boots makes the figure lower and makes it look stocky because it break the height.

The third mistake, however, is to wear the ankle boots with a gym suit or in any case with a sportswear, the ankle boot is quite elegant and you can not really match it with a too “gym” look.

The fourth and last mistake to avoid is to wear the boots of different material from the rest of the look. For example, we can not wear poncho or suede ankle boots with a chenille dress. Attention also to not mistake material with the season, there is a difference between summer and winter footwear and can not be worn even out of season.

Do you have a gala or a special occasion scheduled and do not know what to wear?

In this article we see together the look ideas to wear on these special occasions such as a gala dinner or a special evening.

As a first rule to keep well in mind is to avoid clothes too short and succinct and also remember that large bags are abolished, only clutch bags are allowed!

The first look is made of a long black classic dress but always very elegant combined with a décolleté. We can combine a red décolleté to avoid a total black look, like the Mara Bini model F512 item Perla.

The second look is very formal but it is a different look from the usual because it is usually seen as a dress only for men, we are talking about the tuxedo! The tuxedo combined with a black décolleté like the F566 Perla model by Mara Bini will be a perfect and elegant look.

The third look is also composed of trousers. Black high-waisted trousers that discovers the ankle combined with a classic white shirt with a beautiful black ankle boot like the F515 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, ankle boot in black leather with golden accessory.

For the fourth look, instead, we thought of the combination between a dress with knee-length skirt in solid color or in fantasy, as you prefer, combined with a ballerina like the article F505 Lidia model, in black leather enriched with studs in all the edge.

The fifth look is a current look and fashionable but at the same time elegant, we are talking about a long dress in a speckled pattern combined with a low heel shoe like the F503 article with particular pony and gold accessory.

The sixth and last look consists of a high-waisted chiffon shirt and skirt. The ideal look is composed of a red shirt, a high-waisted skirt in black chiffon and ankle boots in red leather like the F518 Perla Tr item by Mara Bini, which recalls the color of the shirt.

In this article we see together some small precautions to recognize quality shoes.

Recognizing quality shoes is very important for not making wrong purchases, especially for the health of our body.

Many times buy a pair of designer shoes and spend a lot of money is not the same as buying good quality shoes.

First of all, it is necessary to check that leather or the material in general used to produce the footwear is genuine leather and not synthetic and that it is of excellent quality.

Mara Bini shoes are totally Made in Italy, with only quality materials chosen. The Made in Italy craftsmanship is a protection for one’s own health, because, unlike other countries, in Italy absolutely no toxic materials are used for the production of the footwear. On the contrary, only sought and certified materials are used with the certainty of the provenance of all the materials.

Another important thing is to check the weight of the shoe, it should never be excessive because the shoes would be too heavy and is not a positive aspect for the well-being of the body.

Another foresight that helps to recognize a quality shoe is to check its details and finishes, in Mara Bini’s shoes all the finishes are produced by hand by master craftsmen.

As a last consideration, but not in importance, it is to check the stability of the shoe and its comfort.

In fact, the foot must maintain the right natural position, no part of the foot should feel pain or discomfort.

Mara Bini uses the slip lasting method to obtain maximum comfort in your footwear.

This method of working allows to eliminate all the rigid materials from the shoe thus obtaining a flexible, comfortable and above all light footwear.

In this article we see together six different looks to match the boots with low heel to wear on any occasion.

We start from the first look, a very casual look that we can wear in any context and time of day or skinny blue jeans with blazer. For example, we can combine blue skinny ankle jeans with a patterned blazer and an ankle boot like the F501 model Lidia Tr by Mara Bini, a low boot with the golden accessory detail on the front of the shoe.

The second look instead consists of a nice long dress and the low boot without heel. An example of a look can be a long dress in fantasy with colored base and black details for example in the fantasy that goes very fashionable now that is in tartan fantasy and match us with a simple black ankle boots like the F500 model Lidia by Mara Bini, from the line simple but with an extra touch given by the elastic in sight that is in the side of the boot.

The third look is a more jaunty look and consists of a high-waisted mini skirt, t-shirt, jacket and boot. An example of a look is a black high-waisted mini skirt with white t-shirt tucked inside the skirt, black jacket and a boot like the F543 model Chiara Tr, a very fashionable and simple ankle boot at the same time.

The fourth look we have chosen is always a skirt, but this time in a dress version. For example, we can choose to wear a dress with a short skirt with a black wheel and give a touch of color and style by combining it with a boot like the article F500 red model Lidia by Mara Bini.

The fifth look is a more formal look to wear for a dinner, for an important occasion or to go to the office every day and is formed by palazzo pants, shirt and ankle boot. For example, we can choose to wear a palace trousers also in a pinstriped pattern with a gray base and a white or black shirt with an ankle boot like the article F546 model Chiara by Mara Bini, simple boots but with a touch of fashion thanks to the laces front of the shoe.

The sixth and last look, however, is a comfortable look and ideal to wear for shopping afternoons with friends or for an aperitif and it is to combine leggings and maxi sweater. An example of a look can be to wear a black faux leather leggings with a soft colored or fancy maxi sweater and boots like the Mara Bini article F498 model Lidia.

We have the pleasure to invite you to visit our stand and discover the new collection by Mara Bini. Micam – Milan PAV 3 STAND D12 from 10 to 13 February 2019.

You know, the choice in wearing the ballerinas is not a choice shared by everyone, they may like it.

This is a particular shoe and often judged badly, in reality they are very comfortable shoes and if combined in the right way you can really create very fashionable outfits.

In an article we wrote for you (which you can find HERE) we give you advice on how to wear ballerinas in winter.

While in this article we see together the 4 most common mistakes to avoid when we decide to wear the ballerinas.

  1. First of all you must avoid totally matching the ballerinas with cropped trousers or with length to the calves. They are pants that break the figure just making it look more stocky and low. Attention also to leggings or similar tight-fitting or low-waisted trousers with length above the ankle or to the calf always for the same reason of the figure.
  2. Also avoid wearing ballerinas with short or too short skirts, even for these items of clothing is the rule that, for those without a slender body, to create this combination breaks the figure, making it look lower than it really is and even more squat.
  3. Beware of socks! In summer, wearing ballerinas with stockings is a forbidden thing, while in winter you can close an eye and wear them, but only on one condition or that they are veiled and black! The flesh-colored stockings for years now are really out! Maybe in a few years they will be back in fashion, but in the meantime flesh-colored socks are banned and only in winter veiled and black to wear with ballerinas.
  4. The last common mistake to avoid when we wear ballerinas is to combine different materials or even wear the ballerinas of a certain material in the wrong season. For example, the suede ballet shoes for sure we can not wear them in the summer with the heat and with a linen dress as we can not wear ballerinas with a summer material, lace or even with parts of the shoe open in winter.

In this new article we will give you some ideas to create fashionable looks by combining the ankle logs.

Let’s start with the first look that is composed of a very cool piece of clothing in this period, the denim skirt. Jeans skirt with a sweater combined with a simple pair of ankle logs but with some details like the article F516 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, total black but with a touch of light thanks to the round golden buckle.

The second look we have chosen is a beautiful dress with a long skirt in a pattern combined with colored ankle logs. For example, we can choose to wear a dress with long skirt with a black neutral base with some fantasy that is fashionable this season, with red flowers or why not in tartan pattern. Let’s combine a beautiful red pair of ankle logs that recalls the color of the fantasy of the dress like the article F518 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini.

The third look is a classic look that matches virtually any type of shoe we want to wear, the black dress. Whether it’s a sheath dress, with a short skirt or a long skirt, a black dress always has charm and goes perfectly with any shoe. So if on some occasion you do not know what to wear you opt for a black dress combined with ankle logs like the F519 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, black and simple but with the accessory on the tip that makes it elegant and fashionable.

The fourth look is really nice and trendy and it is the combination of shirt, longuette and ankle logs. Longuette in solid color or in pattern, always keeping the colors on a neutral tone, white shirt or tone on tone with the colors of the skirt with ruffles and ankle logs like the article F521 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini, a black ankle log with details laces on the front.

Another classic look but always impressive is the look of high-waisted cigarette pants, shirt and ankle boots. Black high-waisted cigarette trousers, gray shirt and a stub like the F525 black model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini and the fifth look is done!

The sixth and last look, however, is a casual look that you can wear every day and is made of jeans, sweater and ankle boot. An example of a look is a skinny trousers in light shades, a matching sweater or a fantasy tucked inside the jeans or a maxi sweater and a simple ankle boot that gives a little tone to the look like the F532 model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini. A black ankle boot with zip at the back of the shoe.