Often you are invited to a party or some special occasion and the indecision is always the same: what footwear to wear?

In this article we give you some ideas of look and footwear to wear for these occasions.

Let’s start with a classic, that is a little black dress … what shoes can you pair with?

A classic black sheath dress can perfectly match a shoe like a décolleté with heel, for example a classic black sheath dress perfectly matches the article F509 Perla model by Mara Bini that with its elegance maintains the refined style of the dress enhancing the look with the red color and with the particular of the leather tassel in the front of the shoe.

If, on the other hand, we want to wear a dress such as a sheath dress but in a colored or printed version, you can also combine this with a décolleté, for example if you wear a spotted or animalier print dress, which we saw was very fashionable for this autumn winter 2018 – 2019, the ideal is to combine it with an elegant and sober shoe like the F566 model Perla by Mara Bini, an elegant shoe embellished by the golden accessory on the front.

Choosing instead to wear a beautiful long dress in fantasy or solid color, perhaps a neutral color, the most appropriate shoe to give a little ‘tone to the look is a trunk with talcum.

For example, if you wear a long taupe or brown dress you can perfectly match the F515 Perla Tr model by Mara Bini: a very elegant and fashionable heel with a golden circular buckle on the side of the shoe .

Another ideal look for a winter party is the classic shirt with palazzo pants.

The ideal look is composed of a classic white shirt (you can also opt for a shirt with some details) and black palazzo trousers combined with a beautiful classic trunks such as for example the F517 model Perla Tr by Mara Bini from the classic line elegant.

For those who do not like the heel you can opt for a ballerina or a classic shoe.

With a dress with a knee-length skirt in a neutral color or with a print, the ballerina is perfectly combined, for example if you wear a black dress with a long-knee-length skirt, the Lydia F507 model, very metallic in color fashion for this fall winter season 2018 -2019, is the right choice, also because, with the studs applied in the front of the shoe, makes the look less banal and stylish.

The classic shoe can be combined perfectly with a colored jumpsuit or in print, for example you can wear a red jumpsuit and match a shoe like the F549 model Chiara by Mara Bini, a classic black shoe but with details that they make it very stylish, like the golden accessory on the front of the shoe and the pony tongue.

In this article we will see together some look to wear combined with the model Fabia tr by Mara Bini.

All the items of the Fabia tr model are ankle boots, an article that in this Fall Winter season 2018 – 2019 is very fashionable because it is a type of shoe that easily matches any look and any occasion.

One of the looks we recommend is composed of sheer stocking, short pants, sweater and ankle boot.

For example, the article F525 black model Fabia tr by Mara Bini is a ankle boot with the heel with a simple line but enriched by the detail of the elastic in view in the outer side part. This article can be perfectly worn with a sheer stocking, black or silver shorts and a sweater in a neutral color, for a trendy look but at the same time very easy to wear during the day.

Another look that we recommend, a little more elegant, is composed of cigarette pants or classic trousers in the palace, a classic white shirt and the ankle boot.

The article F532 model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini, instead, has a very simple line but enhanced by the type of material used for its production, which is the horse. This detail makes the ankle boot very elegant and sophisticated, not surprisingly it combines perfectly with an elegant and formal look like a black cigarette pants and a classic white shirt tucked inside the trousers and to finish you can also combine a jacket with a masculine cut.

The third look that we recommend is a bit more jaunty and worn every day and consists of jeans and oversized sweater.

In this case we can wear the Fabia Tr model F528 item by Mara Bini, a simple but fashionable ankle boot. The ideal look for this ankle boot is composed of a skinny or mom jeans and an oversized sweater also in patterned to move the look while still keeping it stylish thanks to the detail of the ankle boot.

The last look is casual and comfortable and is made of leggings and a maxi-knit mini dress.

This look is ideal to combine with an ankle boot like the F524 model Fabia Tr by Mara Bini which is a simple ankle boot but at the same time elaborate thanks to the detail of the zipper on the back and the “folds” effect of the leather on the front. The perfect look is made of leggings in leather or cotton and a mini-dress in solid colors, further enriching the look with a leather jacket.