In this article we give you some ideas for some looks to match with our E301, E300, E307 articles of the Spring – Summer 2018 season Soft model.

Let’s start with the first article that we have chosen, that is the article E301 Soft model.

This article can be found in various colors and it is a low-heeled leather moccasin with a graceful buckle in the front of the shoe that makes this article elegant and stylish.

A perfect look to combine with the E301 article consists of a classic palazzo trousers with a simple shirt for a stylish and classy final look. While for a more casual look, it can be perfectly combined with jeans  and a plain colored t-shirt.

The second article we have chosen is the article E300 Soft model. It is always a moccasin in leather with low heel and a detail formed by a leather band with pearls applied in the front of the shoe. A very elegant article and that detail makes the shoe very bon ton.

With the article E300 we can opt for a look with a dress in solid color, so as to focus on the shoe, or for a look formed by a trouser and a simple blouse.

There is no need for a particular outfit for a sophisticated look when wearing such an elegant and stylish shoe.

The last item we have chosen is the article E307 Soft model. It is a shoe with a low heel, in leather and in the front enriched by a leather band and fringes.

The E307 article is the ideal footwear for a classic, casual but trendy look while always maintaining a touch of elegance.

To this article we can combine both a classic trousers that a jeans with a shirt, or simply a t-shirt maybe with some particular detail. Alternatively, it perfectly matches a blouse and a full skirt, or even a sheath dress, with a high waist.

The items of the Soft model as well as being elegant and fashionable are items produced entirely in Italy and their comfort is incomparable thanks to the bagging that distinguishes all the Mara Bini shoes.

In the last article we gave you advice on how to combine our shoes of the Sophia model, included in the Spring Summer 2018 collection, while in this article we have chosen to give you some ideas to combine some items of the Gioia model, also from the Spring Summer collection 2018: article E314, article E325 and finally article E318.

Let’s start with the article E314 Gioia model: it is a particular moccasin with upper in fantasy of various colors and accessory in the center in the front of the shoe.

This item is a type of footwear that everyone should have in their wardrobe because it is a very comfortable and easy to wear product for any occasion.

An excellent casual outfit to combine with the E314 article is made of jeans and a classic shirt, possibly maintaining the shade of blue.

Another outfit that we can choose is characterized by a black palazzo pants and a short top in solid color, thus obtaining a more elegant and fashionable look, or we can opt for a plain-colored jumpsuit so as to wear the E314 article as a real detail of the look.

The second item we have chosen is the article E325 Gioia model: the article is a shoe with closed toe and open heel.

At the front we find tassels and a delicate flat bow that gives elegance, while the upper plays with geometric shapes and colors.

This article is very elegant and gives any look a touch of style.

It combines perfectly with a simple plain dress or a top and a medium-length skirt that reminds a little of the good-looking looks of the Sixties.

Another outfit that goes well with it is composed of a simple plain t-shirt and a trousers with a classic line, alternatively, in order to dampen the look a bit too elegant, we can choose to combine the article E325 with a jeans and a t-shirt and thus make the look more casual.

The last article chosen for the Gioia model is the article E318, it is a sabot (also called mules) with a particular upper with a quilted effect and a detail on the front.

This article is easy enough to match any look, even if it is mainly combined perfectly with a dress or a short or long skirt.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more casual look with trousers or short jeans combined with a simple t-shirt.

The article E318, in addition to being a passepartout article, is also very convenient and practical, once you try it you always want to wear it with any look.