Women and shoes: a deep link that binds them.

All women, or almost, are attracted to footwear. Those who buy them to wear them and those who buy them only for the desire to own them in the shoe rack.

But in psychology this means much more: in addition to gestures, the positions that are assumed, facial expressions and what is said, even shoes are indicators of personality.

The shoe demonstrates aspects of the status of the person, emotional tendencies and unconsciously the shoe would serve to improve one’s appearance without drawing too much attention on oneself.

How many of you have never bought shoes when they were sad or depressed? The purchase of the shoe expresses a compensation mechanism.

In America on the Urban Dictionary the term “shoeaholic” has been coined to indicate a “person who owns more than 60 pairs of shoes”, and in 2011 came out the first documentary that explores the intimate bond between women and shoes, analyzing it from the point of historical, psychological and sociocultural view with the emblematic title “God save my shoes”.

A list would also have been drawn up with all kinds of footwear associated with a personality, let’s see it together.

– Flashy and colorful shoes: rebellious and solar person

– Booties and amphibians: private person

– Five-inch heels: a person who cares for his femininity and with an unpredictable character

– Wedges: aggressive personality who likes to dominate the male

– Sneakers: self-confident woman

– Flip-flops: spontaneous person

– Ballerina: index of a naive person

– Moccasin: smart person

– Sandals: cheerful and uninhibited personality

– Brand shoes: insecure and anxious person

– Old shoes: a person not interested in the judgment of others and who represses own emotions

– Always clean and perfect shoes: vice versa, a person definitely interested in the judgment of others and who likes to be noticed.