When we talk about having only the indispensable in our closet, then the indispensable must also include a pair of red shoes.

Those who love them with a stiletto heel, those with a chunky heel and plateau, those with a wedge, those who love the ballerina or those who love the midi heel.

The important thing is to have a pair of red shoes in your closet!

Red shoes are a must because they can give vitality  to a too simple look and save an outfit giving it a little color and liveliness.

The red shoes are still classic and elegant shoes, you just need to know how to combine them in the right way without falling into vulgarity or without joining together in the look too much color.

Let’s see together the various rules to best match a pair of red shoes.

First of all we must know that the red shoes match perfectly with neutral colors and colors like black, brown and blue.

They also match perfectly with fancy clothing, as long as they are neutral in color.

Instead, do you want to wear a summer and colorful look with your red shoes? No problem, in fact, the red shoes can also be combined with clothing with opposite or complementary colors, such as yellow, orange or pink.

With a simple look, however, such as jeans and a solid color t-shirt, red shoes are a perfect accessory to give a touch of color to your look.

In addition to the red shoes, for a simple look you can combine the red bag, the belt or the lipstick of the same nuance of the shoes, so as to make the look complete without weighing it down or making it vulgar.

What are the pairings to avoid?

No red shoes combined with a red dress, would make the look too heavy and tacky.

No to red shoes combined with a bright green dress, the green color and the red color recall too much the Christmas atmosphere and however already the green has its visual component very attractive, if we add a pair of red shoes then you will surely be noticed, but not always in a positive way!

Also avoid charging the outfit with too many red accessories, so no necklaces, earrings, rings or red scarves.