What is the the slip lasting method?

The the slip lasting method is a process that allows the shoe maximum flexibility, ensuring comfort and lightness to the wearer.

By using the slip lasting method, all the rigid components used in all other processes are avoided.

Before seeing the completed footwear there are about 200 steps to be done to create the footwear.

The strong point of this processing is the flexibility of the shoe: it can in fact be fold easily, even just by keeping the shoe between thumb and forefinger.

But in the practical aspect, what does bag processing consist of?

The first step consists in the realization of a lining, which before being worked and joined to the upper, is sewn around the shape just like a sachet.

Then we move on to the stretch that we make on a heated form and beaten by hand by an expert craftsman.

A padded and breathable material will then be inserted between the lining and the sole to make the shoe more comfortable and shockproof.

The lining and the insole will then be sewn to the upper.

In this particular process the mounting slab is eliminated for greater softness thus creating a single body between the upper and the sole.

As the last step there is the particular seam called “Blake”, that is a seam that unites upper and sole through a double seam both inside and outside.

This process requires extreme precision in all its steps and in the realization and development of the models and in the junction phase with precise and constant skimming and stitching.

The slip lasting method contains softness, lightness and processing technique as synonymous quality, research of materials, style and elegance that identify a craft product.

We at Mara Bini create shoes with a unique style without forgetting the comfort and lightness that our customers look for in a shoe using this particular process, combining style and beauty with refined comfort using top quality materials.