After taking part in the Micam footwear fair in Milan, the new collection is presented for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

Now a few months are left to spring and summer so why not think about the footwear that will go out of fashion next season?

In this article we see Donna fashion together with regard to the footwear sector for the Spring Summer 2019 season.

Kitten Heels: kitten heels are nothing but décolleté with a midi heel from a few cm to a maximum of 5 cm. In recent seasons they have been only partially present while for this new season they are very popular shoes just like the Getty model B738 article in the classic style, with some details like the G719 model Betty or in the slingback version that is partially uncovered as a the G721 model Betty model by Mara Bini.

Another item that is always a must as in the past few seasons, is the moccasin. Present in various versions: classic as the E314 model Gioia, classic but with a touch of style as the G742 model Gioia or particular like the article G749 model Soft by Mara Bini.

Even the ballerinas are still very fashionable shoes for this new season, in the classic version like the Lidia G698 model or in the new version for this new season, or in the Slingback version as the Lance model G696 by Mara Bini.

Also for this year as last year, the sabot shoe model is very fashionable, although for this new season it will be the slingback version to be chosen as the G715 model Saki Sabot by Mara Bini.

For what concerns the world heel on footwear for this new season Spring Summer 2019 will be present the chunky and comfortable as the elegant article G734 model Sabina by Mara Bini.

Furthermore, the favorite print for this new season confirms the spotted print, also with regard to the world of footwear.

Discover our new Spring Summer collection at the link:

We have finally entered the spring and summer is almost upon us.

What models are in fashion this season?

  1. Décolleté with low heel: décolleté with midi heel, also called kitten heel, are ideal for all women who love comfort but do not want to do without elegance and refinement.

Bon-ton shoes par excellence, they are ideal to wear in the office or even in the evening for some event or dinner.

They adapt easily to any type of look, with jeans, a dress or an elegant look.

  1. Moccasin: the moccasin is a must for this spring – summer 2018, it is a valid alternative to sandals and décolleté for those looking for a shoe that combines comfort with style.

Décolleté with low heel: décolleté with midi heel, also called kitten heel, are ideal for all women who love comfort but do not want to do without elegance and refinement.

  1. Mules: mules also known as sabot shoes are back in fashion in summer 2017, always have the back part open and can be either with the low heel or with the high heel.

They can be found in leather or in various fabrics and can be either basic or embellished with various accessories and can even be completed with fur.

They too, like the moccasins, are perfect with dresses and office looks.

  1. Ballerina shoe: the ballerina shoe never goes out of fashion! But it is constantly changing to stay on the cutting edge and follow fashion.

This year the pointy ballerinas are very fashionable, some showing part of the heel, with decorations or buckles and studs.

To be worn preferably with some dress or skirt.

  1. Slip on: the slip on are sneakers without laces or zippers but with elastic.

They are for the more sporty women, who love the comfortable, less formal look and want to feel at ease.

Ideal to wear with jeans or trousers but also with sheath dress, flared skirts or tight-fitting dresses to break the look.

Did you already know all the proposals for this new season?