Is it time to pack your next trip and do not know what shoes to put in your suitcases?

In this article we will give you some advice on essential shoes to pack for your next trip.

At the beach, in the mountains or in the city, the essential footwears to carry in a suitcase are at least four.

Let’s start with the first shoe, the moccasin: the moccasin is always useful because it can be combined both day and night.

For example, during the day you can combine it with a casual look like a soft trousers and tops, or in the evening with a pair of jeans and a shirt. It is also useful if we wear a solid color look to give a touch of color with a colorful moccasin such as our article E314 model Gioia, which with its particular imagination and its colors can give a touch of style and color to the look.

As a second shoe, instead, we talk about a sandal or alternatively a shoe with a closed toe and an open back like our article E325 model Gioia, very useful because it can be combined with a dress or a skirt, both in the evening and during the day, giving a touch of elegance and bon ton to your look.

The third shoe is a sabot or a comfortable slipper, practical but which maintains the style of the look.

It matches perfectly day or night with a simple dress or with jeans and blouse and above all, if it has any particular detail, the final look will be cured and elegant, like our article E319 model Gioia, which, thanks to the detail of the Striped band with appliqués of bright accessories, makes this shoe elegant, fashionable and of great style.

The fourth shoe that you should never forget in your suitcase are sneakers.

Sneakers can always be useful in case of a long walk or simply for the trip to keep you more comfortable.

For a sneaker with a more elegant look, you can opt for a slip-on such as our Sophia model E903 article, a simple and easy to match model but with a detail that makes the shoe an important element of our look.